Menorah Cookbook

To celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the Auckland Hebrew Congregation’s Synagogue and Community Centre at 108 Greys Avenue, Auckland City, the congregation’s Board of Management has published a revised edition of the classic The Menorah Cook Book, packed with tried and tested (and often closely-guarded) Kiwi-Jewish family recipes.

The Menorah Cook Book was originally published in 1967 to augment the funds for the Synagogue and Community Centre in Greys Avenue. The original edition contained recipes created by the Jewish women of New Zealand. Continued popularity and demand saw a second edition published in 1969 and a third in 1979. A note in the 1979 edition describes the recipes as ‘not only the Jewish traditional, but also the exotic and unusual’.

For the 50th Anniversary edition, a cook book committee consisting of Board Chair Rachel Lerner and board members Natalie Robinson and Nadine Rubin Nathan (also an editor and publishing consultant) trawled through the original recipes – some of which had managed to age gracefully over the last half-century. They then collected modern recipes from our existing member families including our many enthusiastic male cooks (how times have changed!). Finally, with all the recipes on hand, we realized that a differentiating structure for this edition would be to follow the Jewish Festival calendar, making both traditional suggestions as well as modern ones and ending off with chapters on Family Meals and Cakes & Desserts.

*The Menorah Cook Book retails for $35 and is available at the Greys Avenue Deli, 108 Greys Avenue, Auckland. Copies can be shipped nationwide or internationally by contacting All proceeds from the book’s sale will be used to refurbish the community kitchen.

For more information or high res photos, please contact Nadine Rubin Nathan