About Our Rabbi

IMG-20140813-WA0016-1Born in Israel, Rabbi Friedler studied law and rabbinical ordination conjointly. After a year practising law and finding himself buried in paperwork, he realised he was drawn to the more people-oriented career, and focused on his rabbinical studies.

“Judaism is all about being inclusive and communicating with people. That side of things really appealed to me. The prayer we recite when we return the Torah to the ark is about following the ways of pleasantness and the path that leads to peace. I want to market Judaism in the same way to the community.”

Nathanel spent three years leading a community in Adelaide, and then he became the assistant Rabbi in a Perth community with a thousand members. After moving to join us in Auckland, his three sons Yedidya, Hillel, and Shiloh have adapted easily to the lifestyle, exploring and getting active in the region, and they attend Kadimah School.